Air Travel – Taxed at Last

Europe, more in the headlines for the feeble response to its economic and currency woes, is taking up more speed when it comes to make airlines accountable for some their externalised environmental and societal costs. In a recent ruling the European Court of Justice confirms the EU commission’s plan to charge all flights to and from the Europe Union with a carbon charge of 5 to 10€ per passenger.

On-green-policy. Europe confirms its role as an environmental leader and other countries should rather follow suit instead of trying to fight the right thing. Aviation contributes over proportionally to greenhouse gas emissions and ridiculously low plane fares incite ever more people to do such meaningful activities as x-mas shopping in New York over the weekend without paying for the environmental damage done. It is thus a good thing that prices raise a little a bit and of course it makes perfectly sense to have carriers participate in the overall effort to reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, for once, a warm support to Europe’s politicians who take on a big lobby. Of course it helps to feel that Europeans in spite of all economic hardship are still quiet ready to support green policies. Nevertheless it is unfortunately not for granted that politicians rather care about their voters than about their lobbyists. Also, this would be a good opportunity to recognise the positive and decisive role of the EU. I dare to say, that such a continent wide measure is only possible thanks to the EU. We shouldn’t take all the positive aspects for granted and whinge about some negative ones. Therefore, a rather provocative “Thank you European commission”.

Source: Guardian

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