Investors – Punishing CO2-intensive companies

The ”Carbon Disclosure Project” collects and publishes data concerning climate relevant behaviour of corporations. While this alone is not noteworthy, it gets interesting because more than 400 investors of multinational companies are relying on this database in order to make investment and cooperation decisions. 56% of interviewed firms declare to take the climate-consciousness of suppliers into account and to favour those providing proof of sustainable energy management. Similarly the US stock exchange supervision announces to require quoted companies to provide a climate impact assessment of their activities.

Only a few weeks after the disappointing climate-summit in Copenhagen the economy – notwithstanding the hesitating politicians – is moving forward in protecting the climate. Investments and development paths are now decided upon and firms ignoring the trend and trying to free ride will face disadvantages. The same goes basically for countries who erroneously think, not doing anything against climate change would be economical beneficial but which in reality fall back in terms of technology, efficiency and investment competitiveness. Now politicians will need to catch up with global societal and economical trends in time to provide the necessary regulatory framework and voters will need to elect politicians willing to do so. As the recent financial and economic crisis has demonstrated, the state must not neglect its duties such as setting proper and modern rules for the economy and making sure it is taking a social responsible and ecological sustainable path.

Source: Zeit

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