Nuclear Energy – Not Viable Because of More Expensive Disposal

In Switzerland a new report estimating total disposal cost of nuclear facilities reveals significant lack of available funds. Scrapping Switzerland’s five nuclear reactors and storing their rubbish will cost about 20 billion US$. While this figure already outstrips the capacity of the planed disposal fund, real costs could be even higher than that. The Swiss energy foundation, an independent energy research body, criticise that the report was basically paid for by the Swiss nuclear industry, which has no interest whatsoever in being transparent about effective costs. Therefore, even the revised number is nowhere close to reality. As a matter of fact, given the substantially higher labour costs in Switzerland, it looks highly unlikely that scrapping a nuclear power plant in Switzerland is more than 400m US$ cheaper than in Germany. In any case, the price of nuclear energy will invariably increase.

ON-green-policy. It is dangerous if political decisions such about the future energy mix, investments, subsidies, etc. are decided only upon biased information from a particular industry. The fact that the nuclear industry slightly revises disposal figures towards more realistic numbers must not deflect from this fundamental problem. Therefore politicians need to consider second opinions and then advocate the most secure, economic and job-friendly energy policy. Even if we blindly take industry figures, and try hard to ignore massive security issues, it’s becoming more and more obvious that nuclear energy is just to expensive compared to sustainable energy sources. Even more so if we factor in rapidly rising costs for the former and substantially falling prices for the latter.

Source: NZZ

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