Renewables – Attracts More Investments Than Fossils

For the first time, at least since industrialisation, global investments in renewables have outstripped investments in fossil energy generation. According to Bloomberg, despite economic crisis on the horizon, 187b US$ have been invested in clean energy production. Clearly, nobody can talk of a negligible industry anymore. It is also obvious that investors take the emerging and rapidly growing industry very serious.

On-green-policy. “Despite the economic crisis” may be badly misleading. Maybe the economic crisis actually favours renewable energy production because private as well as public actors are forced to do the maths properly. As they increasingly consider total, lifetime and lifecycle costs, they become aware that already today, renewables perform better in many settings. On the political side of things, it is interesting to note that voters and investors are not very consequent. On one hand, they clearly invest heavily in green industries, on the other hand, they still support a great many numbers of openly environment and green business hostile policy-makers.

An original explication may suggest that all this green minded individuals, entrepreneurs and investors are just too busy expanding their business and make the most out of upcoming green opportunities to get involved in politics or to even vote. The old stagnating fossil industry folks however have plenty of time and money to throw at the political system.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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