US Military – Fighting Oil Consumption

Clear words from a surprising actor: Completely unsuspicious of being a leftwing, tree-hugging dreamer, the US military conceives the US reliance on fossil fuels as a threat to national security. Emerging crisis of any sort are very likely to drive up prices and the resulting financial and social problems should be a top concern of any responsible security politician. The dependence on foreign oil needs thus urgently be reduced. Until here most political observers will probably agree but then it comes: According to the study, switching to more domestic or Canadian oil production will not alleviate the problem since it is inconceivable that the US can unlink itself from global price increases in the case of an international crisis.

“National Security” is a BIG word in the American part of the world, used to enact all kinds of problematic and overreacting security measures – think of the patriot act. While such an overreaction is certainly not desirable, it certainly couldn’t hurt if some conservative and usually military believing politicians would take this assessment serious and start to correct a common misunderstanding of the republicans. The problem cannot be solved by reducing foreign oil imports but only by doing something about overall oil consumption by switching to alternative and possibly renewable energy sources. The report explains this very simple fact: Domestic production does nothing about rising worldwide prices and yes, the US if some like it or not are part of this planet.

Source: The Guardian

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  1. […] On the first sight it may be a surprise that car addicted US Americans are not willing to fund highway maintenance. Maybe it’s an indication of just how absurd their  (always speaking of an average person of course) negative attitude to fund even public goods that they absolutely rely on. Nevertheless, the solution is clear: fuel taxes will have to rise. The US have – compared to their living standard – incredibly low fuel taxes not only causing road hazards because of insufficient maintenance but also triggering huge economic inefficiencies, unsustainable development planing and transportation habits as well as waste and misallocation of resources because of unreasonably low fuel prices. And while these problems are isolated to the US, the resulting sky-high greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are indeed a global problem. Even the US military has identified dependency on fossil fuel price as a national security problem. Increasing fuel taxes is the easiest way of not only repairing US roads, cutting GHG emissions and inefficiencies but also reducing foreign oil imports. […]