Natural Gas – Not Good for the Climate Neither

Natural gas production and consumption is linked to Methane leaks that almost outdo the lower greenhouse gas emission of natural gas compared to alternative fossil fuels. In order for natural gas to have a positive effect on climate change, methane leakages needs to be cut by 2/3 a very ambitious target that is not likely to be reached anytime soon.

Now that’s really interesting and basically outdoing any greenhouse gas benefits of natural gas. Conclusion, let’s move on to comprehensive life cycle analysis for assessing the most suitable energy sources. Conclusion two, while natural gas is more CO2-efficient it still emits CO2 and a natural gas based energy production does not allow reaching carbon reduction goal deemed necessary to keep the climate under control. Conclusion three: we still need to move on to renewable energy. Conclusion four: Politicians, businesses as well as individual need to base their investment and regulation decision on comprehensive, life cycle data. Failing to do so triggers unsustainable and uneconomical decisions and rules to the detriment of society as a whole.

Source: Environmental Leader

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