Los Angles Bans Plastic Bags

You wouldn’t necessarily think of Los Angeles as a ecological first mover but times are changing – in California even faster than elsewhere. So here comes the good news: plastic bags will soon be banned in Los Angeles. Starting with big stores and then including small stores. And no, plastic bags are not going to be replaced with paper ones, that are actually not all to much much environmental friendly. Instead people will have relearn to plan a little bit ahead and take a proper reusable bag for carrying their groceries home.

A forerunner? Not quiet, actually, Chad’s capital N’djamena banned plastic bags almost 2 years ago. Sometimes much less developed countries find it easier to develop sustainable measures.

This is good policy, shopping without plastic bags is one of the easier ways to safe fossil fuel and countless bags ruining the environment. It’s interesting to note that there seems to be a tipping point where ecological choices are acceptable to political majorities. Now, also bigger and more significant projects should be possible. Actually, they are: Los Angeles is also quickly improving its rail system. Better late than never!

Source: GreenBiz

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