Uranium Mining – Protecting the Grand Canyon

US President Obama does not allow uranium mining in the Gran Canyon. Withstanding pressure from the industry and Republicans, he protected 1m square acres in the natural treasure from mining operations.

On-green-policy. It sounds like a no-brainer. The Grand Canyon is one of the beautiful sites in the United States and still will be in thousands of years. The uranium that could be mined there could only fuel the US nuclear power plants for a short period of time and its operation and its waste would seriously pollutes the environment over a very long period of time. I argue that such risks should never be acceptable but particularly not in order to sustain an outdated, dangerous and (without public credits and societal risk burdening) uncompetitive industry and absolutely not while endangering the Grand Canyon. Therefore, well done Mr. Obama and don’t forget, there are plenty of other industries to confront in order to protect the US natural heritage.

Source: The Guardian

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