Solarpower – Germany Adds the Equivalent of 7 nuclear power stations in solar power

In 2011 German house owner installed an amazing 7500 megawatts of solar power production capacity. Even considering that this is largely a theoretical figure, the number corresponds to the capacity of 7 nuclear power stations. Adjusted for population this would amount to a rather impressive 30 nuclear stations in the US. Now, Germany reduces subsidies according to installed capacity and because of this huge success, subsidies will be reduced by 15% for 2012.

On-green-policy. Several things are noteworthy. First, subsidy’s reduction fails to keep up with even faster decreasing prices. Therefore, solar power installations will still get more attractive and the boom is likely to continue. Second, even in cloudy Germany with only a fraction of sunny days compared to Spain, Greece, Northern Africa, Texas or California, solar power is taking off. Sure enough, electricity and in general energy is considerably more expensive than in the US but that is not necessarily a bad thing. For once, Germans are much more energy efficient than US Americans meaning they probably don’t even pay so much more on energy than the average US citizen. And high energy tariffs also pay for the subsidies thus creating a very substantial number of jobs in solar installation and in a top-notch sustainable energy industry with tremendous growth potential.

Source: Die Zeit

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