ON Canadian Green Policy

While Australia is finally getting real (see this article) about climate change and related environmental problems, Canada goes in the opposite direction. Under the pretext of cutting the budget deficit Prime Minister Harper is slashing funding for the main Canadian environmental agency “Environment Canada” by about 20%. Hundreds of jobs watching over pollution standards, documenting the dwindling arctic ozone layer or researching climate change will be lost and Canada will lose its once leading position in climate and environmental science.

ON green policy! One cannot stop wondering about Harpers priorities. While he apparently cannot afford 200m Canadian dollars for continuing preservation of the countries unique nature, he has no problems subsidising the oil industry – one of the most profitable and polluting industries ever – with well over 1b dollars per year. Another striking example. Simultaneously to stopping funding numerous environmental programs, the government signs purchases of 60b worth of military hardware. A really peculiar perception of security as it is obvious that 200m dollars spent on controlling environmental regulations would save much more Canadian lives than the 60 new fighter jets. Now, the next election will show how Canadians feel about these priorities. At least, there’s no ambiguity anymore: voting for Harper is voting against Canadian nature and Canadian health.

Source: The Guardian

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