ON Indian Green Policy

The constant fall in solar panel prices claims a prominent victim in rural areas of developing countries. Electricity produced by solar panels is now about half the price compared electricity produced by a Diesel generator. Consider noise and pollution reduction and you can easily see a whole new and potentially huge market for solar panels. Only in India there are a quarter of a billion people without access to the grid, which delivers electricity for about half the price of a solar panel – if it delivers at all. Given the frequent power cuts, solar power may soon even become a better option for people on the grid. The only problem for many people is the considerably higher upfront cost of solar panels compared to diesel.

ON-green-policy. The advantages of solar panels are obvious and if announced further price cuts for solar panels materialise, they will all but replace diesel generators in a short matter of time and soon even starting to replace the unreliable coal powered grid. This is good news for consumers disposing of a reliable and cheap energy source, solar panel manufacturers and countries investing in the solar industry and of course for the environment reducing pollution and CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Therefore, politicians should tackle the task at hand: facilitating the purchase of solar panels for those who cannot afford the upfront cost. The invisible hand will take care of the rest.

Source: New Scientist