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Rwanda – Forests for the People

Rwanda has had a rather mixed record of policy achievements. Positive overall economic development has been accompanied by increasing restrictions on political freedom. This news however is solely positive. On the occasion of the UN year of forest, Rwanda was just awarded Gold for the best forest conservation blueprint by the World Future Council based on recommendations of various NGO’s and other involved actors. Since 1990 forest cover has increased 37% with beneficial consequences such as reduced erosion, better water supply and better overall local living conditions.
ON-green-policy! It’s important to value such good policies despite of other questionable developments. …

Tasmania – Forests Will be Saved

Over half of Tasmania is forest and a substantial part thereof is virgin, untouched forest. Until now, these valuable forests were gradually converted into Japanese newspapers but now things have changed. Environmental activists have persuaded Japanese and other buyers to insist on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood, making timber originating from virgin forest virtually worthless. The logging industry has since admitted its defeat, switched to plantation timber and promised to leave virgin forests – after a contested transitional period – to nature and to the growing ecological tourism.
ON-green-policy! Tasmania’s jungle may be far away but this news is …