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Good-Bye Coal

In a surprisingly bold move, US President Obama set ambitious emission targets (1,000lbs of carbon dioxide for each megawatt hour) for new power plants, which will basically prevent the construction of new coal power plants. The only fossil energy source that will be able to comply with the new regulation is natural gas, which is booming thanks to the fracking technology.
ON-green-policy! Mr. Obama is basically heading into the right direction, acting against greenhouse gas emissions without favouring a particular energy source. Still, this approach has a few shortcomings.

Natural gas production receives a preferential treatment and it will be very …

Shale Gas – Ecologically and Economically Unsustainable

Shale gas is booming in the US  and Canada and according to some sources is bound to become to most important source of primary energy in the region. However behind the suspiciously optimistic assumptions, some insiders reveal worrying figures seriously questioning both its ecological and economical viability. Rapidly falling production in many wells points to increasingly inefficient investment decisions in what is essentially another high-risk bubble for investors. And the most serious problems could still emerge. Contrary to claims by the industry, there is at least one proven case where water sources have been severely tainted. Many other cases cannot be studied by …