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Global Warming – Invalidating Sceptics

The German newspaper “Die Zeit” helps to invalidate some of the more common misbeliefs of climate warming deniers:
1. Global warming has stopped since 1998:
That’s only true if you look at the last 10-15 years because of an exceptionally warm 1998. But this period is just too short to make out a trend. If you look at the more relevant last 30 years, the trend has not stopped at all.
2. The sun causes global warming (so there’s nothing we can do or need to change)
If anything the sun gets weaker and according to a broad consensus of scientists it contributes …

Good Green Policy in Times of Global Change

Recently a study comparing attitudes to green development have come to some very interesting conclusions. Basically, many North Americans perceive green development, energy efficiency measures and environmental protection regulations as a burden for the economy; in short a luxury in tough times. Europeans on the other hand recognise that the green industry is featuring above-average growth and jobs and that efficiency regulations will not only reduce foreign dependency but also save billions of Euros; a smart investment in tough times. This notable difference showed in negotiation positions in Durban. Europe was moving forward, uniting a grand coalition of climate …

Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Europe Emits 15% More if Consumption is Considered

Chinas is now the worldwide biggest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG). However, if we take into account the end-consumers of Chinese goods, the ranking looks notably different. After all, Chinese industries export a very substantial part of their production to western states. As pointed out recently by the Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO) in its Global 800 2011 Carbon Rankings, it’s the west that basically outsources GHG intensive manufacturing into emerging countries, taking advantage of low production costs and environmental standards and thereby lowering domestic CO2-emissions. In a recent ranking by IFO calculated the real carbon footprint of countries. China’s …