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Good-Bye Coal

In a surprisingly bold move, US President Obama set ambitious emission targets (1,000lbs of carbon dioxide for each megawatt hour) for new power plants, which will basically prevent the construction of new coal power plants. The only fossil energy source that will be able to comply with the new regulation is natural gas, which is booming thanks to the fracking technology.
ON-green-policy! Mr. Obama is basically heading into the right direction, acting against greenhouse gas emissions without favouring a particular energy source. Still, this approach has a few shortcomings.

Natural gas production receives a preferential treatment and it will be very …

Good Green Policy in Times of Global Change

Recently a study comparing attitudes to green development have come to some very interesting conclusions. Basically, many North Americans perceive green development, energy efficiency measures and environmental protection regulations as a burden for the economy; in short a luxury in tough times. Europeans on the other hand recognise that the green industry is featuring above-average growth and jobs and that efficiency regulations will not only reduce foreign dependency but also save billions of Euros; a smart investment in tough times. This notable difference showed in negotiation positions in Durban. Europe was moving forward, uniting a grand coalition of climate …

Renewables – Attracts More Investments Than Fossils

For the first time, at least since industrialisation, global investments in renewables have outstripped investments in fossil energy generation. According to Bloomberg, despite economic crisis on the horizon, 187b US$ have been invested in clean energy production. Clearly, nobody can talk of a negligible industry anymore. It is also obvious that investors take the emerging and rapidly growing industry very serious.
On-green-policy. “Despite the economic crisis” may be badly misleading. Maybe the economic crisis actually favours renewable energy production because private as well as public actors are forced to do the maths properly. As they increasingly consider total, lifetime and …