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Renewables – Attracts More Investments Than Fossils

For the first time, at least since industrialisation, global investments in renewables have outstripped investments in fossil energy generation. According to Bloomberg, despite economic crisis on the horizon, 187b US$ have been invested in clean energy production. Clearly, nobody can talk of a negligible industry anymore. It is also obvious that investors take the emerging and rapidly growing industry very serious.
On-green-policy. “Despite the economic crisis” may be badly misleading. Maybe the economic crisis actually favours renewable energy production because private as well as public actors are forced to do the maths properly. As they increasingly consider total, lifetime and …

Canada – War Planes 145 Times More Important Than Environment

While Australia is finally getting real (see this article) about climate change and related environmental problems, Canada goes in the opposite direction. Under the pretext of cutting the budget deficit Prime Minister Harper is slashing funding for the main Canadian environmental agency “Environment Canada” by about 20%. Hundreds of jobs watching over pollution standards, documenting the dwindling arctic ozone layer or researching climate change will be lost and Canada will lose its once leading position in climate and environmental science.
ON green policy! One cannot stop wondering about Harpers priorities. While he apparently cannot afford 200m Canadian dollars for continuing …