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USA – Refuse Even to Fund Crumbling Highways

US highways are in a bad shape, one out of nine bridges are “structurally deficient”. Some 40 years after being built, upkeep is getting more expensive while available funding is decreasing. Due to falling mileage and better fuel efficiency of US cars, the 18.4 cents fuel tax per gallon is yielding less and less money. Between 2007 and 2010 the highway trust fund received one-seventh less money. At the same time, nobody seem to be prepared to pay more fuel tax and politicians don’t even dare thinking of it.
On the first sight it may be a surprise that car …

Indonesia – Turtles win Against Road

On the Indonesian part of Papua New Guinea, turtles backed by locals and environmental organisations have the upper hand over the trans-Papua highway. The latter’s planed course will be altered for about 70km in order to let the endangered species, with up to 700kg weight the biggest turtle in the world, live in their habitat.
ON-green-policy! It’s not a common event that the interest of nature outweighs development planning and it is all the more welcomed on this site. Pressure, particularly if applied by international organisations can significantly alter politicians’ cost and benefits calculations and thus trigger policy change. This …