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Stock Markets Reward Sustainable Companies

Energy efficiency and sustainability improvements are increasingly seen as an indicator for overall quality of management of companies and taken into account by stock market analysts in order to assess to long-term viability of an investment.
ON-green-policy! The stock markets do not intrinsically care about the environment. If they do, it is because financial analysts recognise the tangible advantages of more efficient companies over their unsustainable competitors. This development delivers very strong and credible arguments for green investments and policies favouring the green economy. Voters and politicians should take notice.
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Fish Catches – Polynesians were smarter than today US Hawaiians

Polynesians were smarter than today US Hawaiians. What looks like a bold statement and is of course too generalised has some truth in it as far as fishing is concerned. In ancient times, fish catch dictated how many people the islands could sustain and was therefore highly regulated. A very sophisticated quota and hatching system guaranteed that no fish species would be overexploited and maximised the yields. A system so efficient that it provided 3-4 times the amount of fish that is thought to be sustainable today.
ON-green-policy. So what is the link of that inspiring news to policy? Well, …